Coffee Talks with Sean Salveson

Coffee Talks with Sean Salveson

“The goal is to bring unity to the team through freedom of communication.” -Sean Salveson, VP of Operations.

Sean holds regular town hall meetings called Coffee Talks. The purpose is to give a voice to our K2 teammates who may not be in other meetings to keep them in the loop of all that is happening within our company. About 75% of K2 is in the field, and they can often feel disconnected from internal messages they’ve missed, so the Coffee Talks help bridge that gap.

The meetings usually happen over a conference call so employees can easily join. Sean opens the call with gratitude for all attendees and promptly invites them to start the discussion. He tries to speak as little as possible as he is there to listen attentively and provide realistic solutions. Topics can range from the need for specific equipment to accommodating schedules. Every person in the meeting is encouraged to speak, as it is important to Sean that they feel heard.

The Coffee Talks are not all issue-related; they also celebrate the triumphs of our team. We are working to find the golden time for employees to attend so that it is consistent with their schedules. He would like to have as many people as possible join the calls so we can address problems and concerns to actively work on solutions. .

K2 is proud to see the effectiveness of the Coffee Talks prove itself. We are happy to provide a space for our teammates to express themselves while having transparency from leadership. These meetings will continue to grow as they unite us!