Building Dreams with 1Mission

Building Dreams with 1Mission

"I am very grateful for K2 to take the time to come out and build my home, as it is a dream come true"

In the heart of Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, our team recently embarked on a mission beyond our usual business endeavors. We traveled with a shared purpose: to build a home for the Peñuelas Hernandez Family. This endeavor left an indelible mark on their lives and provided our team with unforgettable memories to bring back home.

Nine years ago, Alma and Jesus crossed paths in Mexicali, and their journey together led them to Puerto Peñasco in 2018. With a vibrant 5-year-old son, Andre, attending primary school, the Family’s dream of homeownership began four years ago. However, the current reality sees them residing with Alma’s mother-in-law, eagerly anticipating the day they can move into their new home. Over the past year, Alma has actively participated in 1Mission, contributing her time and effort to complete the required 400 hours of community service. The family’s commitment to homeownership extends beyond community service. Alma’s night shift job adds an additional layer of dedication, with her husband having two jobs and taking turns staying overnight to safeguard the property and construction materials.

Alma expressed profound gratitude for K2 Electric, whose support and dedication played a pivotal role in turning her dream into a reality. “I am very grateful for K2 to take the time to come out and build my home, as it is a dream come true,” she shared. Alma felt supported and welcomed by the K2 family, emphasizing her eagerness to stay in touch and provide updates on the progress and completion of her home.

Our journey with the Peñuelas Hernandez Family in Puerto Peñasco has been more than a construction project; it’s been a collaborative effort to build dreams and transform lives.  As we eagerly anticipate the completion of their home, our team is reminded that every nail, every wall, and every shared moment has contributed to creating a lasting impact in the lives of the Peñuelas Hernandez Family.