who we are

our mission:

K2 Electric exists to cultivate employee, client and community relationships through a company built on performance, operational excellence, and service.

A construction worker wearing a high-visibility jacket and a helmet stands on scaffolding, utilizing a K2 Electric tool while surrounded by a framework of beams and supports.

core values

Safety Is Essential

Safety must be everyone’s top priority; we train and empower our employees to recognize hazards and proactively take action to eliminate them to safely complete all projects.

Perform to be preferred

Our personal commitment is demonstrated in our attitude and actions–from pre- construction to job completion—we are responsive, collaborative and go beyond what is expected to share information, support the entire team and deliver a project with lasting value.

Genuine Relationships

Nothing is more essential to our success than our personal and business reputation. We nurture that privilege by acting with honesty, abiding by the Golden Rule and demonstrating integrity in all business decisions.

our team

Professional training and development of every employee is paramount to understand and serve the needs of our customers and prepare them as future leaders in our industry.

K2 Commitment to Sustainability

At K2 Electric, we are committed to integrating sustainability into every facet of our operations. We strive to minimize environmental impact by adopting eco-friendly practices, optimizing resource usage, and promoting energy efficiency. Our dedication extends to fostering a safe and inclusive workplace, prioritizing employee well-being, and engaging with local communities to create positive, lasting relationships. Through innovation and responsible business practices, we aim to contribute to a sustainable future while delivering exceptional value to our clients.




To Our Industry

To Our employees

To Our clients

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