Jared Kredit Shares His Experience as a Young Leader

Jared Kredit Shares His Experience as a Young Leader

Jared Kredit


Prior to joining K2 Electric full-time, Jared spent summer and winter breaks away from college to work as an entry-level field employee, gaining hands-on experience within the core competency of K2’s electrical construction scope of work. Since joining K2 full-time in 2008, Jared has worked in all aspects of preconstruction, held various roles in back-office accounting and administration, and served both Project Engineer and Project Manager functions.


Jared has had his fair share of successes, though not without some challenges along the way. K2 has grown from a small business with approximately 50 employees to a medium-sized operation boasting 100+ employees, presenting the need for a more complex organizational chart and strategic leadership. Jared was instrumental in leading this charge, transitioning from a doer/manager to a leader and strategist. Through trial and error, as well as advice from peers and mentor advisors, Jared was able to accomplish personal and organizational growth.


Jared is a member of the Young Professionals Committee for the Associated Builders and Contractors and has served on the Board of Directors and Apprenticeship Committee for the Independent Electrical Contractors Association. That paired with his extensive knowledge of the industry, and his experience in various roles at K2 have shaped him as a strategic leader for K2.

Mr. Kredit has overseen the growth and development of the K2 team, and continues to build relationships and position K2 as a leader in many markets.


As President, Jared provides strategic leadership for K2. Working alongside the other executive and operational leaders, he sets the goals and expected outcomes for the organization and its subdivisions. He has established the vision and values that shape K2 Electric’s culture and he continues to develop, manage, and maintain important client relationships and overall marketplace presence.

Jared has had many professional accomplishments as a young leader, but he is especially proud of the K2 team for having some very successful 2020 quarters even despite a lot of headwind. He comments, “It is amazing to witness the results of years of disciplined focus on team development that have resulted in having all seats in the organization chart filled with the right people firing on all cylinders. In what could have been a chaotic period, the K2 team relied on the efforts of prior years to execute on two important elements of our business: Perform to be Preferred and Genuine Relationships.”


As a young leader, Jared has experience growing into a leadership role. His advice for the next generation of leaders is to, “get uncomfortable, learn continuously, and seek out mentors.” He also suggests getting to know yourself through self-development and personality assessments in order to discover your strengths.