Women In Construction 2023 Recap

Women In Construction 2023 Recap

As of 2022, only 10.9% of the construction industry is female. Furthermore, only 5.8% of electricians are female. Women in Construction Week is an important time to pay homage to the women who have been working hard to keep driving the momentum of all the progress being made in the industry. K2 is very proud to have exceptional women on our team who continue to prove why more women should join the industry. We have talked to a few of our amazing women of K2 to further understand what it’s truly like being a woman in construction.

Olivia Thomson

“Ladies, it’s our turn. I move differently because I want something different.”


Olivia Thomson is a single mother who reminds everyone to be proud of themselves for choosing to get up every time you fall. She explains that women in the industry are often underestimated and if you want to be the best, you must be able to handle the worst. Working in construction has helped her develop a set of everyday morals which she now lives by: be independent, self-sufficient, and focus on self-improvement as growth is continuous.

Tia Pursel

“I get a huge boost of serotonin every time I complete something to my liking.”


Tia Pursel did not expect to love the industry as much as she does now. Since starting in construction, her passion and confidence have grown from the soft-spoken and unsure person she was. One thing she truly values is the support on every jobsite, mentioning that everyone is always welcoming and whenever she has a question there is always someone with the answer or willing to find it. She’s proud of herself for where she is in her career now, and that she brings her big voice and special attention to detail to every project.

Sophia Grant, Project Manager

“We all play a part in history and touch people’s lives.”


Wherever the location, Sophia Grant believes all in the construction industry have a hand in creating spaces that people utilize every day. She explains that with electrical specifically, it is the only trade that touches every system, bringing power to every device—and more so, bringing life to buildings.

Both in her personal life and professional experience, Sophia has learned the value of sharing knowledge. These different perspectives have helped her grow in her career, fueling her passion to diversify construction by mentoring others who help form the future of our industry.