Steve Pierce

No Company Accomplishes Greatness Without a Great Team

Steve Pierce

Senior Project Manager – Special Projects

Steve Pierce grew up in the south suburbs of Denver, CO. He was born and raised in the Rocky Mountain State and still enjoys snow skiing, hiking, camping and hunting.

After graduating from Principia College, in Elsah, Ill., Steve relocated to Phoenix, AZ to start his career in construction management. Steve’s first role was as a project engineer for a small commercial general contractor, who primarily built retail space. After a few years of focusing on building custom homes, or single-family resorts, Steve entered the subcontractor arena, working for a commercial electrical contractor. It’s there Steve discovered his passion for building effective electrical teams, while focusing on owner direct special projects for commercial and industrial customers. He’s pursued this specialty for the past 20 years.

Favorite Quote: “Other than death, all failure is psychological.” – Jocko Willink