Planning and Projecting to Manage the Workforce

Planning and Projecting to Manage the Workforce

Faron Belone

During my time as Field Ops Manager, I have seen substantial growth in how we manage our field workforce. Being able to identify peaks and valleys in the workforce needs on job sites is vital to the stability of our company. Knowing our boundaries and working together as a team to navigate through this dynamic industry has helped K2 Electric grow consistently over the years.

We pride ourselves on being able to meet our customer’s schedules while strategically chasing upcoming projects and opportunities for our team. Below are some of the key tools we have in place to help manage our current workforce of 150 plus team members:

  • Labor Loader Spreadsheet (Created off historical data of past projects to allow us to project future needs)
  • Weekly Projects Meetings (Address schedule and manpower needs for each project in a team setting)
  • 3 Week Look Ahead Scheduling (Allows managers to review what foremen are planning)

Keeping an updated and transparent labor-loaded chart of ongoing and upcoming projects allows preconstruction and management to be on the same page when making future company decisions. Experienced field and management leadership coupled with established processes and procedures help make a typically demanding job an exciting one for me. We at K2 are completely prepared and well equipped to handle any project opportunity presented to us.