Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness

It is no secret that mental health in the construction industry is a major problem that needs to be addressed expeditiously.


We believe that to see a change it starts within the company. This is why we make continuous efforts to create the best work environment for each of our team members to live a well-balanced life.

K2’s dedication to our employees starts with providing unique resources like outsourcing professional counseling services that are free to all of our employees. We have robust PTO programs for each teammate which encourages them to take time as needed to support themselves or their families’ mental health needs. For employees who have suffered a loss, we offer bereavement as we understand grief takes time to process.

With Arizona being a juncture for economic development comes the increasing demand for construction. This growth along with year-round satisfactory weather has been the motive for many people to move to the state. Choosing K2 for one’s future comes with many personal and professional benefits. Every single teammate is treated with respect and is dedicated to creating opportunities for growth and development. The camaraderie amongst our field team is something we consistently harbor as a small company on the rise.

Putting the mental health of our employees first is crucial for their overall job satisfaction and the long-term success of our company. This is why it is important to us that we are investing in our team just as they invest in us!