David Blake Shares Why K2 is a Great Place to Work

David Blake Shares Why K2 is a Great Place to Work

David Blake

David Blake started his role as HR Manager in the beginning of 2020.   During his exploratory conversations about joining K2 Electric with Jared Kredit and Matt Kuiper, they shared about the company culture and how they had several long-tenured employees.  This was a big selling point for him.

When he joined the team as the Human Resources Manager, he was excited to meet everyone and hear their thoughts on what is behind K2 Electric’s company culture and why K2 Electric is such a great place to work.  Well, COVID-19 happened and hindered him from having those opportunities.

After he got settled into K2 Electric and got used to life working from home, he still wanted to know what makes K2 Electric “tick”.  He needed to get some real feedback from the people who know K2 Electric best…the employees!  In the Fall of 2020, David rolled out our first Annual Employee Survey.

He recently sat down with Jared and Matt again to really dive into the results of the employee survey.  After the meeting he came away impressed with the overwhelmingly positive responses.  The survey was very insightful into finding out what makes K2 Electric “tick”. With over 90% participation the following strengths of K2 are accurate and sincere:

  • K2’s Family culture
  • Teamwork
  • Safety is a top priority
  • Employees feel they have opportunities for growth and development
  • Employees feel valued and appreciated

The survey also reiterated that our Core Values of Safety is Essential, Perform to be Preferred, Genuine Relationships, and Advancing the Team are the driving force behind everything we do at K2 Electric and the reason for our great company culture.

While the survey confirmed that K2 Electric is doing many things well, it also showed that the company has a great opportunity to turn some weaknesses into strengths.  This coming year David is excited to further develop additional education and training opportunities for our employees, find ways to streamline communication, and make sure K2 Electric continues to offer first-class benefits.

He looks forward to seeing what everyone has to say in 2021’s survey.