Building a Future with 1Mission

Building a Future with 1Mission

Members of our team have had a hand in another awe-inspiring story thanks to our collaboration with @1Mission.


The recent trip down to Puerto Penasco, Mexico to build a home for the Ramos Aguilera Family provided our team with many memories to bring back home with us. Not only were we helping a family, but we were doing so alongside members of our own.

It was a huge milestone when Fernanda, a 21-year-old mother to 4-year-old Alison was able to purchase a land lot. She and her mother Miriam coordinate their work hours for sufficient childcare of Alison, and have worked very hard to reach the goal of owning their own property. Miriam and her teenage son, Jaziel, will continue to live with Fernanda as they all support one another in creating a safe future together. Being able to support their dream by building them a beautiful home was truly a blessing.

The great weather made this build a breeze, which allowed for lots of time to bond and have good conversations. Superintendent Ben Tarango’s wife, Nalleli, is bilingual and was able to get to know Fernanda and Alison really well. Fernanda expressed gratitude for her new home, asking that if or when we come back to Mexico, we make sure to stop by and say hello.

We are so thankful we can take the time out of our lives to contribute to those of incredible people like the Ramos Aguilera Family.