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Commitment To Safety

safety at K2

Safety critical construction starts by examining what is necessary to prevent potentially catastrophic risks. K2’s top priority is to develop projects thoughtfully and carefully. Our team must establish the “who, what, where, why, and how” in everything we do to manage our complex, critical work and ensure a safe, viable outcome. At K2, we are dedicated to providing a safe controlled environment on all our projects for lasting valued success.

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We equip our team with everything they need to be safe. We supply industry-grade, top-of-the-line PPE including surveyors vests, Class 1 and Class 2 hardhats, safety glasses and impact gloves. With our Red Wing program, employees are also eligible for affordable steel-toed boots. We are a family that works together, performs as a team and above all, keeps each other safe.

training from day 1

Every new hire at K2 starts with safety training, no matter their role or experience. Day 1 readiness keeps our employee prepared for safety at every level for each other.  


K2 Safety commitment

We incorporate daily safety huddles on job sites. These huddles are job specific and led by field leadership. Participants review scopes, share identified hazards and safety measures they plan to take. This is where Pretask Plan discussions take place to ensure safety is prioritized by all.


Mutual participation

To be affective, everyone must participate in safety. We are each other’s keepers. It takes everyone to create a culture of safety for one another, our partners and clients.


its more than being safe in
the shop and the field,

its about the well-being
of our team


At K2, we take mental health and wellness seriously. Counseling services are available and free to all employees.


We prioritize mentorship at every level within the company. No one is alone in their role.

Safety at K2 is driven by mutual participation too to be effective. When you are a family, you keep each other safe, and that is how K2 operates. Our safety team is here to provide guidance and training to set everyone up for success and deploy day-one readiness. At the end of day, our collective commitment to safety gets everyone home at the end of the day.

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