OFI Aviator

General Contractor

Boldt Company


Equipment Installation


Install owner provided switchgear, distribution boards, panelboards and MCC’s. K2 was tasked to relocate designated existing panelboards, provide and install disconnects, provide and install SO cord drops with pin and sleeve cord connectors for OFI equipment (in lieu of stainless steel conduit and stainless steel disconnects). As well as provide and install copper feeder wire to all new electrical distribution equipment, provide and install cable tray. The scope also included the following:
• Trench/Backfill, copper feeder wire, conduit from SES to MSB.
• Supply and install approximately 30’ of Secondary conduit (25) 4” PVC.
• Utility Transformer Pad.
• Approximately 780’ of boring for Primary with supply and install of (3) 3” PVC.
• Slurry backfill under SES and secondary conduit.
• Sawcut and concrete demo for primary and secondary and SES to MSB.
• Grounding system.
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