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Meeting the needs of the field



100% in-house

the k2 lean methodology

Our prefabrication division follows one-piece flow production to control quality and volume. These lean processes and techniques allow for proactive and efficient assembly workflow from start to finish.

safety in the shop

is essential


We ensure a safe shop. From mapping out the shop with safety walk lines to ensuring everyone has the right safety equipment for the right jobs


We are constantly evaluating the safety of the shop, inviting feedback from the team and responding to their needs


We have a tool-training stations to show the team how to safely use tools and what equipment is needed for each job

In the shop

one-piece flow production to maximize output

Reconfigurable workstations to match every project

One-point lessons to maximize efficiencies

we are experts on
the cutting edge

Our team of assemblers are ready to meet any challenge that is brought to our shop. Using innovative and sophisticated workflows, we work together to find creative and lean solutions for our clients.

White "K2 Electric" logo featuring a stylized letter "K" with a lightning bolt through it on a transparent background, emphasizing the company's expertise in prefabrication.

prefab team





Division Lead

We value the opportunity to meet any challenge. This is the shop for ground-breaking work. We are trying new things and seeing K2's investment in our state-of-the-art shop increase not only our output but value.

gary rich

prefab manager

20+ years of experience

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